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Ksahai Custom Glow Face Serum

Happy Friday! My skin has been glowing lately, and I just have to share the reason why. I have been using Ksahai's Custom Face Serum. Today's post is sponsored by Ksahai. You take a quiz, so you can get a custom serum perfectly suited for you.

The Quiz Will Ask These Questions:

  • What type of skin do you have?

  • Where are your ancestors from?

  • Do you have sensitive skin?

  • Your top skin goal {Select up to 3 choices}

  • What do you need more of in your life?

Enter your email at the end of the quiz, so Ksahai can send you your results.

My customized skincare bottle

Pump a few drops of serum onto face

Rub in, & you will see a glow to your skin

Most skincare brands are not specifically formulated for your skins needs. I love that Ksahai is. They customize skincare for your skin and wellness goals. I am linking their website here, so you can get on the waitlist to try this product. Trust me, it is worth the wait because you are going to love it.




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