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How To Plan {Planner Organization}

It's back to school time, so I will be posting some school related blog posts. For my first back to school blog post, I will be telling you all of my planner tips and tricks. I have used a planner in college for 5+ years. I also used a planner all of high school as well. This year, I have decided to buy two planners. One is strictly for my social media and blog posts. The other, is one I get every year, for school and work. I will be diving in how to stay organized and why a planner can really benefit you.

Setting Up The Planner

I use weekly planners. Always have and always will. The monthly must be solid white with no lines, and the weekly has to have lines {picky I know}. The first thing I recommend doing is filling in the contact section. This way, if you lose the planner, and someone finds it hopefully they will return it to you. Next, fill in your yearly goals. This section is usually in the front of the planner as well. It is always good to write down your goals to see if you will achieve them at the end of the year, and if you do, then you can check it off. Finally, determine what you log in your planner. School assignments, work schedule, social media timeline, etc.

Organizing The Planner

Color Coding- Trust me, this is a planner must. Have one color assigned to every class you have. This way, you can recognize what you need to do faster, and know what subject you have for the day. Here is the pens I use for my planner. The best fine point pens; I have had them for 5+ years.

Draw A Check Box- When you are writing out what you have to do for the day, draw a little box at the beginning of the sentence. This helps me remember what I have to do because later on, I will go back and draw a check in the box when I have finished the task.

Use A Paperclip- If you have a lot to do on a certain day, go ahead, and paper clip the page the night before. This is like starring a webpage. Then, the next day or at the end of the week, you will know this is an important page.

Take Your Planner With You- The best way to stay organized and to actually write in your planner, is by remembering to take it with you. Get in the habit of taking your planner everywhere with you. I take my planner with me to school every day and sometimes to work. It always sits right next to my laptop, so I know to use it every day. Keep you planner in a spot you won't forget about. For example, if you sit in the den every morning before work, put it on a table in there.

Write Everything Down- Get into the habit of writing everything down. If you think you will remember everything you have to do when you get home after a long day of school or work, simply put, you won't. Nothing is too small to write down and remember later.

Decorate- Go ahead and decorate your heart out. Make it so pretty, that you will want to use it and take it everywhere with you. There is tons of stickers and tape you can buy anywhere to add to your planner.

Planner Benefits

Never Forget Another Thing- This is pretty obvious, but if you write something down, and go back and look later, the thought will come back to you on what you need to accomplish.

Scheduling- You can write out a clear schedule for your day, week, month, etc. You will never have to wonder again if you have enough time to finish everything you need to do.

Reduce Stress- You will not be stressed out due to a hectic schedule because you know what you have to get done. It is all written down. You can just look in you bag at your planner anytime you begin to get stressed out about your day, and realize you will accomplish everything you need to.

Writing=Remembering- There is so many studies that show writing something down will not only help you remember later on, but will also make you more likely to do the task.

Did this help at all? I know it can be very hard to jump into the planner world; however, it has really great benefits as I said up there^ lol. For the next week, and maybe the following, I will be doing all school related blog posts. As we are in the back to school spirit, and this is my very last semester at my school {crying, dying, nervous & excited inside}.




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