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How To Create A Vanity Tray

The other day I was organizing my vanity/ beauty/ makeup tray, and I thought to myself, why not make a blog post on it?! So, I thought I would share how to create the perfect vanity tray for all of your beauty products. One day I was shopping at Pink, and had found this pink colored tray, and I thought to myself that it would be perfect to store all of my beauty products that I keep in my room. At this point, it has expanded beyond just beauty products. I now keep postcards, mini bags, pins, etc. This is such a necessity for my room that I cannot imagine not having a tray/ container to store all of my items, so it is not cluttered all over my vanity. I am going to share links for trays you can purchase, what I keep in mine and how to organize them.

The Tray

13” W x 17”H

No longer on Pink website, so linking the one I have found on eBay, and similar ones:

Everything I Keep In My Tray

This tray has 4 different dividers, and there is so many things I can fit in this tray, as you can see. I am going to dive into everything I have in each section, individually. I have individual pictures of each section below.

The Largest Section Of Items Located In The Back

From the top left, Fresh & Clean perfume, Belize Tropical Cabana Mist, Lipstick Clutch, Yellow Mini Bag, Urban Decay Cherry Palette, Polaroid pictures, a makeup brush, Kylie Lip Kit Shade Party Girl, Mackinac Postcard and A Christmas Story House Postcard.

First Small Section Of Items On The Left

My Nasal Spray, Betsey Johnson Perfume, Liquid Coconut Perfume and my Acid pills.

Small Section Of Items In The Middle

Betsey Johnson earring sets in the back, a keychain I got while I was in Paris, pins, medal from Color Run, another Paris keychain and a shell.

Small Section Of Items On The Right

Bath and Body works Fairytale lotion, Vampire Blood for Halloween, hand sanitizers, butterfly mirror, Nars pencil sharpener, St. Patrick's Day pin and Macaroon lip balm.

How To Organize A Beauty Tray

Go Through Your Beauty Collection

First go through all your makeup, lipstick, brushes, etc. Discard any that are broken or past their expiration date. Look for the time limit indicated on the package. It will either say 3M, 6M or 12M. Believe it or not, you should discard all makeup after a year, especially mascara and liquid eye liner as these can harbor harmful bacteria.

Select An Organizer

Now that you have gone through and gotten rid of all of your makeup, you can decide what type of organizer you want. The size you need for the items that you have in your collection, how many dividers you want, will it match your vanity/ room, the color, if you need levels to the organizer, etc. are all things to take into consideration when selecting an organizer. The material is very important as well. You'll find options in a variety of materials including bamboo, plastic and acrylic.

Sort & Separate

Next, sort your items by category. For example, I put all of my hand sanitizers in the right small section. I have all of my medicine needs in the left small section. When it comes to the perfumes, I could not fit them all together, so I tried to keep them as close as possible. My earring Betsey Johnson boxes are both stacked up in the middle. It just helps to keep items from the same category together, so you can reach for them easily.

Fill It Up

Personally, I like my tray to be completely filled and packed. I do not want lots of open space because then items can get pushed or moved around if you are rushing to find or grab things in a hurry. Having the tray filled up makes everything a lot easier to see and reach for in the long run. Then, all the products have their very own spot.

That is how to create a vanity tray. A must for any girly girl who loves beauty and makeup. Also, it is officially the first day of Spooky Season! What are you most excited for this month?! I am ready for the cider mill, leaves changing and of course, Halloween. See you soon. Enjoy the weekend!




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