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Happy 10th Birthday Tasha Bebe!

Today we are celebrating 10 years of Tasha Bebe. When I was 16 years old, I wanted a cat. After our family cat had passed away, I wanted to have my own cat to take care of, lay with every night, hang out with and be my best friend. My friend from high school made a Facebook post about her friend giving away cats for free. I saw Tasha in the photos and instantly fell in love with her. I knew she was mine. A couple months later I received her from my friend, and the rest is history. I do not know what I would do without her. She really is me as a cat. She is purrfect in every way to me. In honor of her 10th birthday, I want to share my 10 favorite photos of her, all leading up to number one. The most recent photo from her 10th birthday today. I will be sharing some of my traditions with her as well.


My first ever photo of Tasha Bebe. Such a playful and cute kitten.


Her first time feeling the fresh air and sitting in the window. To this day, she still sits in the window for hours.


Posing when she was a kitten. This is how I knew she is photogenic and special. My little cat model. My ultimate goal is to get her on the cover of a cat calendar.


Tasha's first ever Halloween costume, a crayon. 8 Halloween's later, and I still dress her up every Halloween with me.


I love this photo of all 4 of us. I miss us all together. This photo was a spare of the moment shot after Kay realized we were all in frame.


My all-time favorite photo of Tasha and Smores. I miss them together so much, RIP Smores Mores. They were such great pals and got along so well.


Another tradition of mine with Tasha. Taking her to see Santa Clause. I love going every year with her.


Remember how I said Tasha would pose when she was a kitten? Throughout the years, I have done so many pet collaborations because everyone that sees her instantly falls in love with her. I have so much fun doing collabs with her. My girl is so talented!


Every year, Tasha gets her own pumpkin for Halloween. I have always done white pumpkins; however, last year I decided to switch it up and do orange. This is my favorite photo of her with her pumpkin out of all these years she has had one.


I have so many photos; this was extremely hard to pick just 10. Reminiscing through these photos of her as a kitten to up until now is so crazy to me. I cannot believe my Bebe is 10. Tasha Bebe, mommy loves you so much. You are the most perfect little girl. Happy 10th Birthday! Thank you for coming into my life; you make me feel whole.




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