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Dr. Bio Cleanser & Lotion

Today, I have a sponsored post with Dr. Bio. Dr. Bio seeks to protect families from the omnipresent potential harmful threat of chemical products on skin by offering mild, natural remedies for skin care. These products provide skin-friendly and effective moisturization without causing irritation. For all ages from newborns to adults, made with the best formula for the well-being of your skin.

  • Effortlessly Removes Dirt

  • Long-Lasting Skin Hydration

  • Suitable For All Ages & Skin Types

Transform your skin with the power of patented probiotics raw material called Lactobacillus Fermented Lysate that has been derived from Jeju Tangerine Kimchi. It works well as an all-in-one cleanser that can be used from head to toe, or as a pre-makeup wash.

  • 100 Hour Hydration

  • Gentle & Lightweight

  • Long-Lasting Skin Hydration

  • No Dry Or Flaky Skin

  • Suitable For All Ages & Skin Types

Spotlight your skin with a lotion enriched with Allantoin that moisturizes and improves skin barrier function and Betaine rich emollient that calms irritation and soothes sensitive skin leaving your face and body feeling soft and silky smooth all day long.

Combines Centella Asiatica to soothe and shield with Probiotics for lasting hydration, providing dual-action care. Say goodbye to all skin irritations as it nurtures your skin's inherent strength, revealing healthy and moisturized skin without a hint of dryness.

Free from synthetic aromas and fragrances, this product is crafted solely from natural ingredients, making them the ideal choice for babies and individuals with sensitive and dry skin. Nourishes your skin, leaving it feeling moisturized and rejuvenated.

Such great products. Apart of my everyday routine. I am linking Dr. Bio's Instagram account here as well.




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