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DIY, Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

It is two days before Halloween. Last year, I posted Easy, Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas on Halloween itself, which I feel is a little too last minute. I wanted to share this post a couple days before, so you can still do next day shipping or search your closet for these pieces if you want. I will be posting some pictures in our costumes from Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village today. Be sure to follow my Instagram if you do not already, so you can see my Halloween costume reveal for this. My Instagram is linked here. These are last years costumes that are so easy to put together, that you can do yourself. New this year, I will share some pet costume ideas that Tasha has been. Perfect for male or female, cats or dogs.

Dead Bride

This is one of my all-time favorite costumes I have ever done. The aesthetic is just perfect for Halloween. This was my costume last year. All you need is some sort of black or grey or white dress. This is probably already in your closet. For a veil, you could DIY yourself. Take a black headband and glue pieces of fabric from JoAnn Fabrics to give it that imperfect look. I also splattered some blood dripping down from my eye with some fake blood, and drew a heart around my chest with some black eyeliner and pink eyeshadow for an extra effect.

The main items you need are:



This was Kailey's costume last year. Literally the easiest idea ever, a ghost! All you need is a long white sheet and accessorize how you want with it. She is wearing a poncho here that has chains and spider webs on it; I love it.

The main items you need are:


So, last year Tasha was Frankenstein. As you know, Tasha is a girl, so I will share a more girly pet costume idea next. This one was so cute on her though.


This is my all-time favorite costume Tasha Bebe has worn. This is from October 2016. I love the dress and both of the accessories the costume came with, and it just looked so perfect on her.

Those are my quick and easy, throw on, last minute costume ideas. I hope you all enjoyed, and maybe it gave you some inspiration to dress up if you were not going to, haha! I always recommend doing so because it is just so fun for all ages. This is the one day of the year where you can be whoever you want to be. Have fun, be safe, and be sure to check out my Instagram on Halloween to see what we are going to be this year.




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