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Christmas LookBook

We are officially 8 days away from Christmas. I have my Christmas LookBook ready to go. I am sharing 4 looks today that would be perfect to wear on Christmas day whether it is to dinner or opening presents or just spending time with family. These looks will still come in time for Christmas, so not to worry. Let's jump into my Christmas LookBook!

Look #1

Dress {Wearing a size small}

Look #2

Sweater {Wearing a size small}

Skirt {Wearing a size medium}

Look #3

Dress {Wearing a size small}

Look #4

Cut Out Bodycon Dress {Wearing a size small}

My 4 Christmas look ideas. All very affordable and some are on sale now too. Be sure to click the links and check the deals out. You can still get your holiday outfit in time for Christmas. I am not sure what type of blog posts will be up next week, so stay tuned.




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