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AquaVault ChargeCard Portable Charger

Happy Monday, it's the start of a new week, so I have a brand-new blog post for you. Today's blog post is sponsored by AquaVault. They just created their newest invention, the ChargeCard. It's an ultra-thin portable charger that fits comfortably in your wallet. They found that bulky portable chargers were inconvenient. They set out on making ChargeCard with the intention of creating a portable charger that you can bring anywhere without sacrificing any of the charging capabilities.

You can purchase your very own AquaVault ChargeCard here. The colors come in black, platinum or rose gold. It comes with 3 cords, 1 for Android, 1 for iPhone and 1 for micro-USB. You charge the actual ChargeCard by plugging it into your computer for fast and easy charging. Check it out today, you will be glad you did.




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