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17 Of My Favorite Things About Kay {Birthday Edition}

Hi everyone, the post for this week is a little out of the ordinary. It was requested by my sister Kay. Her birthday is tomorrow, {Saturday 10/24}. She will be 17 years old, so I will be sharing my favorite things and photos of Kay in honor of her 17th birthday. This post is dedicated to my Key-Kay! Enjoy!

1. She is my photographer, my hair braider, my social media manager, etc. She does it all!

2. Can always make me laugh, especially when I am down. She can always put a smile on my face, and make a laugh come out no matter what!

3. I can talk to her about any and everything. She may be judgy at times, but she is always there when I need her. A great listener.

4. She has a memory like no other. She can always remember what I said, or what happened.

5. Very smart young lady, by taking 3 AP classes and learning to drive at the same time.

6. Trustworthy, you can trust Kay with all of your deepest, darkest secrets because she won't tell a soul.

7. She is effortlessly stunning. Never wears any makeup, or needs it.

8. A go-getter, always motivated for the next challenge that she will conquer.

9. A great friend who will never let you down. Her Snapchat is @kayy-day, and her Instagram is:

10. She was the best mommy to her baby Smores Mores.

11. My shopping sister, errand running, adventure buddy. She is always up to go anywhere I am going with no hesitation.

12. She is so much fun. Always up to try new things.

13. Her charisma is contagious.

14. Kay did cheerleading & choir. Everything she does, she masters.

15. She spreads warmth and joy everywhere she goes.

16. She is my baby. No matter how old she gets, I can still picture her when she was playing school with me every Saturday morning. She has that perfect little baby face no matter how old she gets.

17. My best friend forever and ever no matter what!

Happy Birthday Key-Kay!

I cannot believe you are 17 years old. One year away from being an adult )-':

I know you will accomplish all of your dreams and goals.

My heart, my baby and my best friend, forever and always.




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