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The Best Places To Take Easter Photos

Today on the blog I am sharing the best places to take your Easter photos. I always love posting a photo every year for Easter, and I like to switch it up. Meaning a different location or background. These are my ideas on where you should take your Easter photos this year whether with a spouse, family or even a solo shot.

1. Mall Easter Bunny

Check your local mall to see if they have an Easter Bunny. If they do, they usually have a cute setup that makes a great spring background for photos.

2. Your Yard

This idea is so easy. Simply decorate your yard with some fun Easter decorations. Hang some eggs from your tree or wrap your bushes with some chiffon.

3. Your Deck/ Patio

Another idea if you have a deck or patio, take advantage! The trees and bushes in the background will give the photo a nice touch of nature.

4. Water

If you live on a lake, a water background is always so appealing. If you don't, you can go to your nearest pond, lake, beach, etc. There is sure to be at least one of these near you that is open to the public.

5. A Tulip Field

This is if you already have tulips growing where you live. A tulip field is perfect for springtime. I know some of the states down South already have tulips sprung.

6. Frankenmuth, MI

This idea is for all of you who also live in Michigan. Frankenmuth always decorates so beautifully for Easter, truly a must-see place. With hundreds of eggs, bows, ribbons and flowers used.

Those are my favorite spots to take Easter photos at. Please, feel free to use some of my background ideas, and send me some of your own if you have more. I cannot believe Easter is just 9 days away. I am so excited. Have a great weekend. Just a heads up, I will have some sponsored blog posts next week.




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