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Target Valentine's Day Décor Finds

This year, there was not much Valentine's Day pieces in the Dollar Section, so I am going straight to the actual décor from "Spritz" in the back of the store. All of the Target stores have their Valentine's Day décor out in the holiday section. Everything is still in stock, linked and shoppable. There are so many cute pieces you will want to pick up this year for Valentine's Day.

Ceramic Poodle Figurine

Made from durable ceramic, this figurine features a delightful poodle design, standing at 5.12 inches tall. Perfect for dog lovers, its compact size makes it an adorable addition to any shelf or tabletop.

5.12 Inches (H) x 3.25 Inches (W) x 2 Inches (D)

Ceramic Vespa Figurine

Made from ceramic, this Vespa figurine adds vintage flair to your space. Perfect for indoor settings, its detailed design captures the essence of classic Vespa style. Embrace a minimalist aesthetic with this petite yet eye-catching decor item.

4.25 Inches (H)

Ceramic Tall Building Figurine

This ceramic figurine features a sleek design in classic red and white. Ideal for indoor décor, its detailed tall building silhouette brings a modern flair to your surroundings. Elevate your space with this compact yet stylish building.

7.12 Inches (H)

Flocked French Bulldog

Made from durable polyresin, it ensures longevity. Ideal for indoor settings, this tabletop piece effortlessly infuses love and whimsy into any room, making it a perfect addition for animal-themed enthusiasts.

8.25 Inches (H) x 6 Inches (W) x 4 Inches (D)

Flocked XO

Crafted from sturdy polyresin, this piece boasts a sleek design with the iconic XO motif. With its compact size, it's an ideal addition to your tabletop. Add a touch of love to your space with this charming and lightweight Valentine's accessory.

5.5 Inches (H) x 9 Inches (W) x 1.25 Inches (D)

72" Wood Bead Felt Valentine Garland

Crafted from durable wood, this garland ensures long-lasting charm, measuring 72 inches for a bold and impactful Valentine's Day decoration.

72 Inches (L)

72" Valentine's Felt Garland Better Together

Measuring 72 inches in length, this garland in vibrant Pink, Yellow, and Black hues add playfulness to your space. Its horizontal orientation makes it versatile for various settings, while the bright color tone ensures a lively atmosphere.

72 Inches (L)

Fabric Figural Duo Coffee & Donut

Crafted from durable styrofoam and polyester, this duo features a delightful coffee cup and donut design. Perfect for adding a festive and playful vibe to your space.

3.25 Inches (W) x 3.75 Inches (H) x 3.75 Inches (D)

Soft Duo Figure PB&J

This charming tabletop piece brings a smile with its adorable peanut butter and jelly duo. The compact size allows effortless placement, instantly infusing your space with festive warmth.

1.75 Inches (W) x 3.5 Inches (H) x 4.5 Inches (D)

Fabric Featherly Friends Bird Queen of Hearts

Crafted from durable styrofoam, it features adorable bird motifs, blending seamlessly with animal and holiday themes. Ideal for creating a festive atmosphere, this compact decoration brings joy to your indoor space during Valentine's Day festivities.

6.75 Inches (H)

Fabric Featherly Friends Bird King of Hearts

Crafted from durable styrofoam and polyester, this charming piece features delightful avian aesthetics, adding a festive touch to your space. Ideal for holiday-themed setups, it effortlessly combines love, birds and the spirit of Valentine's Day.

6.75 Inches (H)

Fabric Featherly Friends Mailbox & Bird

Weighing only 80 grams, this indoor decoration is effortlessly placed anywhere. Its adorable bird design, coupled with a festive holiday theme, brings cheer to your surroundings. Made with lightweight material, this decor item ensures enduring seasonal joy.

5.5 Inches (H)

6"x 6" Wood Valentine Shadowbox I Like You

This indoor-exclusive shadowbox is meticulously crafted from sturdy wood, ensuring durability. The heartwarming "I Like You" design adds a touch of charm to your space. Perfect for expressing affection, this shadowbox is a delightful addition to your Valentine's Day festivities. Celebrate love with this endearing and enduring piece.

6 Inches (H) x 6 Inches (W) x 1.5 Inches (D)

6"x 6" Wood Valentine Shadowbox You Heart Hands

Made from sturdy wood, this indoor decorative piece features an endearing Heart Hands design, capturing the essence of Valentine's Day. Its compact size makes it a versatile addition to any room, effortlessly infusing warmth and love into your home décor.

6 Inches (H) x 6 Inches (W) x 1.5 Inches (D)

Hanging Sign Multilanguage I Love You

The light color tone exudes warmth, while its vertical orientation effortlessly enhances your décor. Celebrate love in various languages with this charming seasonal accent.

14 Inches (L) & 10 Inches (W)

Hanging Wall Art You Me Us

Made from durable polyester, this vibrant piece features the playful "You Me Us" design in bright tones, perfect for celebrating the season of love. Its vertical orientation makes it effortless to hang, instantly transforming your space with a touch of Valentine's Day cheer.

21 Inches (H) x 6.25 Inches (W) x 2.25 Inches (D)

Felt Wreath Hearts

Designed for easy wall placement, it comes with a hanging loop for effortless display. Crafted from durable polyester faux floral material, this wreath is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Unlit for a timeless appeal, it adds a touch of Valentine's charm to any space.

14 Inches (H) x 14 Inches (W) x .25 Inches (D)

72" Disco Ball Garland

This garland, measuring 72 inches in overall length, features dazzling pink disco balls made from durable glass. Hang it horizontally or vertically to suit your space. The disco balls are strung on a sturdy string, creating a vibrant and eye-catching decoration that adds fun and glamour to any setting. Perfect for parties or adding a playful element to your home.

72 Inches (L)

Bottle Brush Tree Figurines

Standing at a maximum height of 4 inches, these indoor-use trees are crafted from durable sisal material. The set of 4 adds a charming Valentine's theme to your holiday décor, making them ideal for tabletop or shelf display.

4 Inches (H)

Metal Heart Tray

This sturdy metal tray is designed for decorative use, adding a touch of charm to any setting. Showcase your favorite trinkets, candles or let it stand alone as a minimalist yet stylish piece. Crafted with durability in mind, this tray effortlessly combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.

14.25 Inches (H) x 11.5 Inches (W) x 10 Inches (D)

Lit Neon Sign "I Love You" ASL

This eye-catching tabletop decor features the ASL sign for "I Love You" in a vibrant neon glow, adding a touch of romance to any space. Let the warm light set the mood and convey your heartfelt message.

11 Inches (H) x 6.12 Inches (W) x 3.38 Inches (D)

Lit Neon Sign Rainbow Heart

Designed for tabletop placement, this sign is versatile for any setting. The neon heart emits a vibrant rainbow glow, creating a visually striking and festive atmosphere, ideal for celebrating love on Valentine's Day.

9 Inches (H) x 7.5 Inches (W) x 3.38 Inches (D)

That is all 22 items from my Target Valentine's Day Décor finds. There is still time to purchase these pieces before Valentine's Day. Mostly all of these items are still in stock, which I am shocked about. There is a little over 2 weeks until Valentine's Day, now is the time to decorate.




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