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Target Dollar Spot Valentine's Décor Finds

Today on the blog, I am showing you Target's all new Dollar Spot Valentine's Décor they just put out. From what I have been hearing and seeing, these pieces are going fast. I wanted to share my finds that you need to add to your Valentine's décor collection before they sell out. This time, I have a mix of items from the dollar spot and the Valentine's Day section in the back of the store. Everything is very affordable all under $10, so you can add some of these items to your V-Day collection without breaking the bank.

Cupid Tin Mailbox

These mailboxes are perfect for use in the classroom or as a decorative element in your home. The four-pack includes two of each style shown. Fill with your valentine cards, love letters, or small holiday favors.

34 Inches (H) x 6 Inches (W) x 5.5 Inches (D)

3 Hearts Valentine's Day Dangling Hanging Sign

Decorate your walls with this beautiful 3 Hearts Valentine's Day Dangling Hanging Sign with colors red, pink and orange.

18.1 Inches (L) & 6.5 Inches (W)

Glass Canister Candy Hearts

The best canister set for Valentine's Day décor and baking. The set includes 2 glass canisters with lid and has the text "Candy Hearts" on the canisters. Have candy and sweets front and center for the holiday, or you can use it as a vessel for homemade treats for your loved ones.

8.5 Inches (H) x 5.7 Inches (W) x 5.7 Inches (D)

White Heart Truck

This beautiful white heart truck is sure to bring some added flair to your Valentine's Day season. Made of metal, this truck is the perfect addition to your home assortment, or a gift for those who matter most.

4.12 Inches (H) x 8 Inches (W) x 4 Inches (D)

White Garland Hearts With Tassels

Deck up your Valentine's Day party with this garland Valentine's Day hearts with tassels. Drape from the banister or mantel to welcome your guests or display around the edge of the table to highlight the buffet or snacks.

72 Inches (L) & 4 Inches (W)

Black Metal Chalkboard Heart With Arrow Wall Sign

Let your loved ones know how much you care for them with this beautiful metal chalkboard heart with arrow wall sign. Featuring a fun heart shape which is pierced with an arrow, a pink border and comes with a string for easy hanging. This chalkboard comes with a solid-color board to help you write up quotes, lyrics, set reminders and more.

18.9 Inches (L) & 11.1 Inches (W)

Pink Heart Shape Metal Tiered Tray

Perfect for displaying cookies, cupcakes, candy, etc. You can put whatever you would like on this tray, endless possibilities. The pink heart shaped tray would look great in the kitchen, bathroom or even the bedroom.

Red Gumball Machine

The classic Target gumball machines are back for 2022. I recently saw a white one at my Target, so I thought I would include them with my finds. You can put candy, stickers, etc. in them. They are so fun to have for all year round.

Some of these items might already be sold out by the time I put this blog post up, so check your local Target for an in-person selection because every Target is different. These items are selling out so fast just like the Christmas pieces did, so if you see something you like that I linked, I recommend buying it now because who knows when and if Target will restock these pieces again.

I also wanted to say I am going on a small vacation this upcoming weekend to see Ice Castles in Wisconsin. I will not have a new blog post up until the 18th, resulting in a 11-day break. These ice castles look amazing, and all the reviews say they are extraordinary, so I am very excited to see them. Not to worry, I will be posting a complete travel guide on the ice castles when I get back, and some new content as well.




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