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Target Dollar Spot Christmas Décor Finds 2022

Today on the blog, I am showing you Target's all new Dollar Spot Christmas Décor they just put out. From what I have been hearing and seeing, these pieces are going fast. I wanted to share my finds that you need to add to your Christmas décor collection before they sell out. Recently, I found out the Bullseye Playground pieces are no longer sold on the Target website. I am in shock. I do not know why they decided to do this, so all of these products are items that I found in the store; however, they are being sold through Ebay from a variety of sellers. Keep that in mind, as you click on the links to purchase these items. I have 25 items, just like Christmas.

Santa Pillow

Santa decorative throw pillow. Perfect for your bed or couch. Black and white Santa with red trim around the pillow.

13 Inches (W) x 13 Inches (H)

Hanging White Wooden Sled

This hanging white wooden sled is the perfect addition to your kitchen, living room, dining room or anywhere. Simply use the rope as the "hook" to hang the sled from the wall.

6 Inches (W) x 13 Inches (H)

Christmas Advent Calendar

Countdown to Christmas with this wooden advent calendar. Move the wreath attached to the red ribbon to whatever day it is. Leave on a shelf, cabinet or table, for easy access to counting down the days.

6 Inches (W) x 11.5 Inches (H)

Merry & FaLaLa Photo Holder

Bundle deal! Set of 2, Merry & FaLaLa is a card or photo holder display great to put on your desk or shelf.

Hanging Black Ice Skate

This black ice skate is so cute. The rope on the back of the skate makes it easily hangable. Can be displayed in any room of the house.

Decorative White Deer

These 3 decorative white deer are great for creating a display in your home. I would use them with some mini houses, fake trees, etc. You could make a little Christmas village. Perfect for your neutral or white Christmas themed decorating.

6 Inches (W) x 6 Inches (H)

Decorative Green, Pink & Red Deer

Another set of 3 decorative deer's, just in a variety of colors. These are great if you use colors in your Christmas decorating. Yet again, I would use these in a cute little Christmas display in your home.

White Santa Cookie Jar

Santa cookie jar, perfect for your kitchen counter or cabinet. Put some candy, cookies or mints inside. Guests can grab a treat, as they come and go from your home this holiday season.

6 Inches (W) x 7 Inches (H) x 6 Inches (L)

Black Santa Cookie Jar

Santa cookie jar, perfect for your kitchen counter or cabinet. Put some candy, cookies or mints inside. Guests can grab a treat, as they come and go from your home this holiday season.

6 Inches (W) x 7 Inches (H) x 6 Inches (L)

Wooden Skis

White & black wooden skis. I saw these in Bullseye's Playground last year. So glad they are back again because they are so cute. You can hang these anywhere around your house. These skis also have a rope strap on the back.

Iridescent Gumball Machine

Target has created another gumball machine. This clear, iridescent one is perfect for the holiday season. You can put some cookies inside for Thanksgiving, peppermints inside for Christmas, candy hearts inside for Valentine's Day and so on.

5 Inches (W) x 8 Inches (H)

Santa Hat Jar

This adorable Santa hat jar has a real pom-pom on top. You can fit little holiday sweets inside or create a little display with some fake snow, miniature trees and so on.

4 Inches (W) x 6 Inches (H)

Ceramic Cake Stand

This ceramic white cake stand with red trim is the perfect addition to your kitchen. A great way to display your cakes for the holiday season.

Set Of 3 Houses

The first set is a variety of houses. The second set is a Pub + Inn, Post and Café. Create a little Christmas village with these fun houses.

Wooden Present Divided Shelf

This woden present divided shelf is ready to hold all of your cute little Christmas knick-knacks. It's divided into four compartments. It is topped with an adorable red metal bow and can be displayed free standing on a shelf or there is a picture hanger on the back, so it can hang securely.

8 Inches (W) x 8 Inches (H)

Clear Light Bulb Glass Jar

This clear Christmas light bulb jar is a cansister you can fill with whatever items you would like. I am noticing that Bullseye's Playground has tons of glass jars this season. Target really gives consumers the creativity to create their own magical displays for the holidays.

5 Inches (W) x 8 Inches (H)

Glass Santa Boot

This glass Santa boot is one of my favorite items that came out. I am not too sure of what they thought people would use this boot for, all I know is I love this boot. My said she mom would keep it on her mantel with dried cranberries and cinnamon sticks inside. Made of glass, so be sure to be delicate with it.

6 Inches (W) x 9 Inches (H)

Ceramic Christmas Tree Lantern

This ceramic Christmas lantern is great to put candles or other decorative items in. I personally would fill it with some fake snow and stick an artificial candle on top to create a lovely winter scene.

6 Inches (W) x 6 Inches (H)

Mini Winter Prop Buckets

Set of 2. Set 1 is composed of snowballs, fresh cut trees & sleigh bells. Set 2 is composed of pinecones, trees and wood logs. Great to be used with tier trays or spread them out around the house. So many possible decorating ideas with these 6 buckets.

Winter Wreaths

You know I had to share some wreaths with you all. A wreath is a must for the holiday season. These two are so aesthetically pleasing and simple for the season. Perfect for the front door, back door or any wall.

1 Foot (W) x 12 Inches (H)

Set of 3 Snowmen

Set of three adorable snowmen all wearing winter hats and scarves of various colors, as you can see above. Spread them around your house or take them to work with you to have on your desk. I like to think of this set as two small snowmen with a tiny baby snowman for size reference.

Set of 3 Gnomes

Set of 3 adorable gnomes wearing a variety of shirts and hats. Just like the snowmen above, I like to think of the 2 gnomes with the matching hats as the parents and the baby gnome with the pink hat. You can also spread them around your house or take them to work with you to have on your desk.

Christmas Tree Pillow + Nutcracker

These are my 2 purchases from Bullseye's Playground that I had to get. This Christmas tree pillow is the perfect addition to the couch. The white nutcracker is going to fit perfectly on my shelf. I love the gold detailing it has as well. Also, this set comes with a green and red nutcracker too.

Christmas Tree Pillow:

14.5 Inches (L) x 14.5 Inches (W) x 4 Inches thick

Set of 3 Nutcrackers:

3 Inches (W) x 6.5 Inches (H)

That is all of my Target Dollar Spot Christmas Décor Finds for 2022. They really created some fun and unique pieces this year. I am still bummed they are not sold on the Target website anymore, so Ebay is how I will link them going forward. This is just the start of my holiday posts, so stay tuned for many more to come.




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