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Target Dollar Spot Christmas Décor Finds

It's November, after taking a week's break before jumping into Thanksgiving/ Christmas posts, I am back and so excited for holiday content. These past couple of months have been going by super fast. Before we know it, it will be 2022. Today on the blog, I am showing you Target's all new Dollar Spot Christmas Décor they just put out. From what I have been hearing and seeing, these pieces are going fast. I wanted to share my finds that you need to add to your Christmas décor collection before they sell out.

Neon Nutcrackers

These are so cute and unique for Christmas. I love how all three of them are different. If you know me, you know which one is my favorite.

8.62 Inches (H) x 1.75 Inches (W) x 2.12 Inches (D)

Lit Houses

Lit up earthenware houses you can place on a coffee table, mantle, etc.

Piece 1: 2.75 Inches (W) x 3.85 Inches (H) x 2 Inches (D)

Piece 2: 3 Inches (W) x 4.5 Inches (H) x 2 Inches (D)

Medium Multi Color Trees

The green one is velvet in stores, while the other two have a ceramic feel. Online, they come in a set of 5 made of acrylic.

6.12 Inches (H) x 3.38 Inches (W) x 3.38 Inches (D)

Colorful Gnomes

Gnomes bring good luck and prosperity and make an adorable addition to your holiday décor. Polyester material.

8 Inches (H) x 3.5 Inches (W) x 3.5 Inches (D)

Tree Shelf

The cutest little festive shelf that you can put little décor pieces in like a candle, pine corn, those miniature houses, etc.

12 Inches (H) x 12 Inches (W) x 3 Inches (D)

Wood Snowshoes

Love these, just had to have them. Very easy to hang up on the wall with the brown yarn tied to the shoes.

13.5 Inches (H) x 24 Inches (W) x 2 Inches (D)

Fill Your Own Snow Globe

These are very popular just like when Target launched their gumball machines last season. Currently thinking how to decorate one of them, as we have the red and white.

9.06 Inches (H) x 7.05 Inches (W) x 13.07 Inches (D)

2 pounds {Very Light}

Ski Lodge Pillow

Another one of my favorites from Target's Bullseye Playground. This pillow sold out very fast. I found one at a huge Target I went to, but haven't seen it at any others. I love how one side says, "Ski Lodge" and the other side is a winter scene. There is also more Christmas themed pillows in the dollar spot; if you can find them. 100% Polyester and 14 inches tall.

Some of these items might already be sold out by the time I put this blog post up, so check your local Target for an in-person selection because every Target is different. These items are selling out so fast. The Christmas décor is flying off the shelves this year at Target, so if you see something you like that I linked, I would recommend buying it now because who knows when and if Target will restock these pieces again. Have a great week.




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