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Summer Gift Idea: Send A Sugarwish

Happy Monday! Today I have a sponsored post with Sugarwish. For those of you who don't know what Sugarwish is, it is a business where you can send a Sugarwish treat box to anyone, including yourself. You send the Egiftcard, and they get to pick out a custom, curated sweet gift straight to their doorstep. They can select from candy, popcorn, cookies, snacks, cotton candy or even dog treats. You get to pick out four items per one box. For example, you get to chose four different types of candy from a variety of selections they have to fill one box. I personally chose the cookie section, and I got 4 different cookies in one box. Peanut Butter, Confetti, Cookies & Crème and Red Velvet. It came in a cute little blue and white striped box that reminded me of the fair or a carnival. Each cookie is individually wrapped as well, perfect for sharing.

This treat box is such a fun idea for the summer time. You can literally send it to anyone, or just treat yourself. I am linking my affiliate link here. These cookies were amazing. I got the stuffed kind as well because I had never had stuffed cookies before, so I wondered how they would taste, and they were very excellent. At the top left is the peanut butter M&M, then is the Cookies & Cream, the Confetti on the bottom left and the Red Velvet on the bottom right.

Send a Sugarwish today!




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