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Photowall Wall Art

Happy Monday! If you know me, you know I am obsessed with murals and art, so when Photowall reached out to me regarding a collaboration together I couldn't say no. Today's blog post is sponsored by Photowall. They have wallpapers and prints that reflect your interests, dreams and ideas. I love the wallpaper I picked out; it matches my style perfectly. I am going to share all of the steps I took when hanging up the wallpaper.

The Wallpaper Kit

For only $23, it has all the supplies you need when hanging up the wallpaper. Add this to your cart at checkout. You will need it.



This mural is called, "Porte Orientale II." You just put in your width and height, and then your wallpaper is shipped directly to your home. It's that easy!

Steps For Hanging The Wallpaper:

  • Make sure the surface is smooth and clean

  • Make up the wallpaper paste provided

  1. Fill a clean bucket with 1 gallon of lukewarm water and slowly add the paste powder while stirring briskly.

  2. Leave the paste to stand to 5 minutes and stir again. The paste is now ready for use. The paste should be nice and thick.

  • Make sure the panels are hung straight

  1. It is a good idea to draw vertical markings on one panel width {17.72 inches} in from the corner using a spirit level, a measuring tool and a pencil.

  • Apply the paste directly to the wall

  1. Use a roller or a brush. Cover the whole area with paste.

  • Hang the panels edge to edge

  1. The panels should not overlap. Press the panels firmly together at the seams. Use a seam roller for best results.

  • Smooth down the panels from ceiling to floor

  1. Use a wallpaper brush, starting from the middle and smoothing out towards the edges.

  • Trim off any excess paper

  1. Use a trim guide and a sharp knife.

  • Wait 24 hours to see the finished results

I am linking an assembly video here as well.

Photowall has the best wallpaper for your home with over thousands of styles to pick from. As you can see, it is not just for your walls. You can put their wallpaper on your doors, cabinets, countertops, etc. Use my code: CHEYMUTER20 for 20% off!




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